Six decades adding value to the Canarian economy


The activity of the Capisa Group – made up of about fifteen companies – is aimed at the Primary Sector especially livestock feeds, although the group also has interests in the food and agriculture industry devoted to the production of flours for human consumption and bread making.

Among the activities of the companies making up the Group, the import and storage of raw materials (mainly cereals) stand out, as well as their transformation and marketing on the Islands. Furthermore, the Group carries on significant livestock activity together with poultry, pig, goat and cattle farms on the islands of Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura.

The Capisa Group is made up of two divisions to which the companies are assigned according to their activities:


Industrial division

This division is made up of six companies. Its activities have to do with the import, storage and distribution of raw materials for animal feeds, as well as the manufacture of compound feeds for livestock keepers. They also transform and manufacture breadmaking flour for human consumption.


Silos canarios

Silos canarios is a Company set up in 1954 which concentrates on the purchase, import and storage of cereals and other raw materials which get to the Islands by ship. It has warehouses and silos at the Puerto de la Luz in Las Palmas. Its facilities, with capacity for 30,000 metric tons of products, have made it the partner of the United Nations’ World Food Programme for the west coast of Africa. Its synergy within the Capisa Group makes it an important ally of the Industrial Division, in its function as the logistical operator for raw materials for its factories for packaging and transformation of raw materials and the production of compound feeds.


This company was set up in 2015 and its mission is the import, marketing and distribution of cereals and feedstuffs in Mauretania. With its headquarters in Nouakchott, its activity backs up the commitment of the Capisa Group to West Africa.

Alimentación Animal

Compañía Canaria de Piensos (CAPISA)

Set up in 1964, the Compañía Canaria de Piensos Sociedad Anónima, CAPISA, is a company of which the purpose is the supply of raw materials, their transformation and the manufacture of compound feeds for livestock and for pets. It has an industrial plant of 8,000 square metres in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, equipped with the human teams and machinery necessary not only for the preparation of the product but also for research and development of formulations for animal feeds, including pigs, goats, poultry, rabbits, ruminants and horses. The production capacity is 79,943 tons a year. More information on Capisa at

Graneros de Tenerife

Graneros de Tenerife was incorporated in 1972. It has a feedstuff factory with warehouses and silos in Santa Cruz de Tenerife as well as a distribution warehouse in the borough of Tacoronte, for the supply of the northern part of the Island. Its estimated annual production of 72,374 tonnes of compound feeds and raw materials in different kinds of flour and semi-flour. Its compound feeds in bags or in bulk are devoted to all species. It has a team of specialist nutritionists and vets who carry out a range of programmes of Research, Development and Innovation in the field of animal feeds, in direct coordination with the other group companies as well as other firms on the Mainland of Spain. It prepares its mixes and compound feeds with its own formulations, the fruit of decades of work in the sector. Further information on Graneros de Tenerife at

Alimentación Humana

Molinera de Schamann

Molinera de Schamann was set up in 1977. It is a company that is devoted to the manufacture and transformation of cereals for human consumption. With its deep roots in Gran Canaria, Molinera de Schamann stands out for the modernity of its facilities and the very demanding quality control in its industrial processes. With a production capacity of 11,520 tonnes per year, it markets bread-making flours of different types which are suitable for bread baking, pre-baked bread and small-scale craftwork bread- and pastry-making. It also produces wholemeal flour, flour for biscuits and for the preparation of pizza bases, which sells either in bulk or in packages under the Harinas Guanarteme brand.


With its headquarters in Fuerteventura, D’Pan is a factory and distributor of deep-frozen pre-baked bread for the entire eastern province of the Canary Islands. It produces a wide range of special, hand-made breads, baguettes, pastries and cakes, aimed mainly at retail trade and the catering industry. It produces about 2,500,000 kilos of bread a year.

Livestock Division

One of the strategic ideas which defines the Capisa Group is the strict defence of the importance, survival, modernisation and development of the livestock sector in the Canaries. A direct consequence of this business philosophy is the constant transfer of knowledge to Canarian livestock keepers and farmers. Through its team of vets, it has been advising professionals on both the improvement of their facilities and working and feeding procedures for over half a century.

This direct collaboration has led Capisa Group to develop its own Livestock Division which includes beef, pork, goat and egg-laying poultry farms, all over the Canary Islands. On these farms, the research projects of its vets and nutritionists are carried out which lead to a sustained improvement of feeds, which are later marketed to its extensive list of customers.

This investment in talent and applied research leads to a policy of maximum quality in its products at competitive prices , to the benefit of the livestock-keepers of the islands, who otherwise could not cover the costs of the development  of specific products for Canarian livestock. The Livestock Division of the Capisa Group maintains a close relationship of collaboration with significant companies in the sector, with which it works on the development of made-to-measure livestock feeds. The companies which now form part of the Capisa Group have shown over the last fourteen years that the local livestock-keeping activity has great potential for growth at competitive production prices.

Granja Saprogran

Saprogran is a pig farm which became part of the Capisa Group in the year 2000. It is located in the village of Goroy on the island of Fuerteventura. It has capacity for five hundred breeding sows. This makes it possible to supply about a million kilos a year to the Canary Islands.

Granja Capivac

Adquirida en 2018, Capivac es la última incorporación a la División Ganadera de Grupo Capisa, que vuelve a retomar la producción de vacuno. Se trata de una explotación de 200 reses ubicada en la localidad de Tenoya, en el municipio de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Su capacidad de producción es de unos 35 litros de leche por res y día.

Granja Mezque

Mezque was bought in association with the Ganaderos de Fuerteventura Group. It is a goat farm, located on Fuerteventura and with capacity for seven hundred goats. Its production is aimed at the marketing of milk for the island’s cheese makers. The Fuerteventura cheese is known for the constant recognition of its quality in regional, national and international awards, where it often wins prizes.

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